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Thursday, April 28, 2011

If it sounds like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its probably a worthless back stabbing fur.

So before I get started with this I need to post my precursor so all of my self loathing friends don't have a freak out. If this post sounds like it pertains to you then it probably does.  If you think it pertains to you and it don't but your upset about it an im still not caring, then go fuck your selves and you probobly need psychological help.
Anyway I digress

I've been your friend, I've been your advisor, I've bandaged your boo boo's, taken you to your errands, given you cash when you were broke, bought your cigarettes when you were poor, paid for your beer, bought your ticket to the furcon, went to your stupid play, and ran your personal errands so you could pay your rent and take a trip, got you a job ,  and took you to your HIV test. It's cool.  That's what friends do.  You know what else friends do.

Friends are there when family is not, friends are there when you get news you don't want to get alone.  I've put up with a lot of shit for friends. Taken burns and broken bones for the boys at work and I don't trust them with half the information I've trusted you guys with.

Yet I still spent 3 days in the hospital by myself and the only reason the people who did say anything even  said a word to me was because I said something to them.  So here is how it will be.

I will be at RCFM and if your choking on your friends collar or poorly constructed fursuit I will do my job because that's what I  volunteered for but please don't call  on me any more at home asking me to "look at your knee" or "check out my computer" because I'm just going to tell you to go Fuck off.

Thank you and goodnight

-Yuki Ookamiur

1 comment:

Mathair said...

good for you! Real friends are always there for you... not just when its convenient.

Theres a country song by Tracey Lawrence (and others lol) called Fine out Who Your Friends Are... Says it all.

Love ya!