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Thursday, September 15, 2011

You are a grown ass man, and so am I.


So a friend of mine called and said his dad found my website,  I hope he finds it again.

If you have an issue with the way I live my life that is fine.  Everyone in this world is entitled to have an opinion.  That being said your opinion is your opinion, but when you decide to start shit talking me, and not even have the balls to say that shit to my face, and have to run and tell your son how I'm sick, twisted, and my life choices are fucked up, instead of being a man and coming and saying that shit to my face, it just shows how much of a little bitch you are.  So if you have an issue with me or my life style bring your fucking bitch ass over to my house and say that shit to my face like a man, or continue to run your fucking mouth about me behind my back like the little bitch that you are.


P.S. When your ready to come talk to me like a man, ask your son where I live and come knock on the door I will be waiting but I really doubt you will show.

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