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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How a Toy Started World War III

All of our lives we spend struggling or working our fingers to the bone for inanimate objects we wish and want for.  Some of us work two jobs just so their families can eat. Some of us live in fancy houses with trust funds.
The issue I seem to have today is somewhere I’m stuck in the middle and I still can’t have what I want.  No I’m not poor and I am grateful for the job that I have.  No I’m not rich and I sure do wish I could have a big fancy house, and expensive cars.
The thing that frustrates me the most is there is only one thing I really want lately, A 25 dollar plush toy like this one.   I don’t know why.  I mean I think it’s cute, cuddly, and soft.  It’s not super expensive to the point I can’t afford it.  It’s not like by owning one its going to move me into a new social class.  Yet when I look at this little plush something tells me buy this, do it for you.  Buy this to replace all the other things in the past that you wanted that you never got. 
Maybe it’s a piece of my tattered childhood trying to hold onto something.  Maybe it’s the need to have something in my arms.  Maybe it’s just gotten to the point where I want something for my own.
Then someone walks into the room, and the fears of World War III start running thru my head.
I guess I’ll put this 25 Dollar plush on the shelf with the rest of my wants that I will never get to fullfil.
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Glovey said...

Interesting read, still hard to believe it created that much hassle! thanks for sharing

kaboomix said...

When in doubt, always go for it. Or else you will be left with the doubt forever..

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