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Sunday, February 27, 2011

What you want me to be, and who I am are two very different things!

So….  Takes in a deep breath.  Climbs to the top of his mountain.  Clears his throat, and yells to the world.  I AM A BABYFUR!
Okay now that, that is out there can we all get on with our lives?  Why do people feel the need to look at me like I am some sort of incurable cancer?   What have I ever done to you? Who have I ever hurt? No one, and yet the ignorance of world means I must be persecuted in the eyes of the deviants I surround my self with.
That being said I am going to post this link hoping that it will help educate the masses -
Please don’t judge me for what I do.  Now that all that is out there answer this for me.  How does that hurt you?

-Yuki Ookami


Mathair said...

You are who you are. You are not a pedophile and I think thats where other people's small brains tend to go.
I love ya just the way you are! You should never need to change for others.

kaboomix said...

I don't mind however you are o.O

Neither should everyone else, but I think that everyone has the right to judge.

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littledinobug said...

You are what you are. What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is their business and nobody elses.

Nalo said...

Zomg another babyfur in narf. I know only one other babyfur here. Heehee welcome to the.. uhh i unno