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Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Lives, Our Destiny, Our Destruction

Realizations I have made today in this meaningless life I call my own.
1.   The people that I call my friends are nothing more than empty shells I keep around me to satisfy my human need for contact.  Even if they use me, treat me like garbage, and abuse me both physically, and mentally

2.   The probability of me having friends that don’t sit 3000 miles away behind an LCD screen and keyboard is pretty much slim to none.

3.   That the simple fact that I am writing in this blog shows how humans think people care about them.   (Why wouldn’t the world want to hear about the problems of a meaningless being that no one knows nor cares about?) Look up if you don’t believe me.  I am sure the proof is right in front of your eyes.

4.   That we need and want so much that we spend our lives envisioning all the things that we wish we had.  How humans lust for stupid meaningless items better then the things they already have been blessed with, while those around us lust for our garbage.

"Wish I was too dead to care, if indeed I cared at all.  Never had a voice to protest,
So you fed me shit to digest. I wish I had a reason; my flaws are open season.
For this, I gave up trying. One good turn deserves my dying."  -Stone Sour

This is why we will destroy our selves.
Stupid Humans.


Glovey said...

Pretty deep stuff you quote in your text man! Keep up the good work!

littledinobug said...

nice deep me stuff to think about

Neuro said...

Some deep thoughts right there!