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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tragedies in the World

Seeing as how I seem to be the one to blame for all the tragedies that happen in this home. I figured I would supply you with a list of other tragedies the world can blame on me.

1.Enron, Fanie May, and Fredie Mac
2.The attacks on Pearl Harbor
3.The persecution of the Jews in WWII
4.The attack on 9/11
5.The assassination of JFK
6 Apollo 1 , the. Shuttle Challenger, and the Shuttle Columbia
7. Hurricane Katrina
8. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan
9. Aids in Africa
10.Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres


kaboomix said...

What about the meteor that wiped out the entire race of the dinosaurs? I think that was a pretty major tragedy that we can pin on you:)

Unrelated Randomness

DK said...

also the tsunami!

Egz said...

Apartheit is also a tragedie but i agree with your list.

ed said...

im sure there are worst tragedies that have not been publicized